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Don't let outdated Tires put the brakes on Valentines day.

Don’t let tire problems get in the way this Valentine’s day.  Is it time for an alignment?Have you checked your tire pressure? Do my tires need to be rotated?  Do I need new tires? While these questions can seem overwhelming, with the help of tire professionals and various self-maintenance, any driver can maintain proper tire care and be ready for the big date this Valentine’s Day. From tire rotations to air pressure, learning what signs and symptoms will help indicate tire replacement or repair is important for every truck owner. 

Perhaps one of the most obvious tire maintenance steps most drivers neglect until it’s too late is checking your tire’s air pressure. Even careful drivers with great tire management lose around 1 psi (pound per square inch) per month, attributing in high volumes of loss over time. Keeping this in mind, drivers should always be aware of air pressure in their tires and ensure proper pressure is maintained.  

Maintaining proper tire maintenance with tire rotations and wheel alignments will help to save money and ensure safety and dependability for longer tire life. Follow your vehicles owner’s manual on the recommended frequency of tire rotations, but if unspecified, make sure to rotate tires every 5,000-8,000 miles. If you ever get in a bind and need our advice - chat with us at the bottom left side of our website.  We would be happy to review the information with you and help give you our thoughts. We can help share knowledge about your tires, like the snowflake on your sidewall.  Ever wondered about what it means?  Check out our explanation here. 

Tire wear and your tires life expectancy is heavily influenced by your driving habits. Increase tire life by taking everyday steps such as: not speeding, avoiding quick stops or turns and avoiding obstructions when possible. Following careful driving habits can be beneficial to decreasing wear on both tires and your vehicle if practiced regularly. Keep in mind tires are a driver’s first line of defense to obstacles of the road and should be maintained and monitored as such.  Protect your investment with our Road Hazard Warranty.  

Tire repair and replacement is an easy way to protect yourself and other drivers from unnecessary headaches. Consult our tire professionals and call us at (877) 439-0759 to stay current with tires and auto repair in order to maintain proper vehicle conditions and dependability.  

Don't let poor tire maintenance get in the way of Valentines Day 


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