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"American made product with a top notch performance."

"Being environmentally responsible is an impressive feat, and one that we support"

"The tires really bite and grabs beautifully, bringing the vehicle over anything in its way"

"TreadWright tires give an aggressive bite in the dirt."

Performance tires that are easy on your wallet, easy on the planet

During World War II, the war effort required millions of tires while rubber supplies were constrained by the Japanese invasion of South East Asia. Uncle Sam started remolding to keep the tires flowing and win the war.

Today, our remolding process creates new tires from recycled tire casings. In the process, Treadwright saves 12 gallons of oil per tire.

DOT studies show that remolded tires have the same high quality metrics as new tires. Indeed, since WW II, the business world from airlines to miners to farmers has relied on remolds for cost-effective performance.

What does your vehicle have in common with a 747 jumbo jet? Our cost advantage allows us to apply commercial grade rubber compounds for increased tread life, outperforming most premier brands. In fact, we use the same rubber supplier as many major American airlines.

70% recycled material also equates to a whopping cost savings - we pass the those dollars along to you.

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Treadwright tires are not only about savings.

Kedge Grip’s micro siping grips the road during challenging conditions but is small enough to allow for a smooth ride.

Kedge Grip is a fine combination of walnut shells and glass particles that are mixed into the entire tread compound. Allowing micro siping effect that grips the road during extreme conditions. Learn More

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