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CLAW II - C3520E

35 12.5 20 E

$ 219.99 MSRP: $ 229.99

CLAW II - C3520E

CLAW II - C3520E

35 12.5 20 E

$ 219.99 MSRP: $ 229.99



Industry Reviews

"Getting the most life out of your tires is something everyone strives for. After all, tires are a big investment, and not one that any of us want to make often. TreadWright is a company that has been threading new life into old tires for decades."

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Customer Reviews

Matthew Dieber
"I put my new tires on my truck last week. I bought them several months ago while they were on sale but I was deployed. I finally have them on the vehicle and I absolutely love them. Tonight I was driving down the highway and was forced to make a panic stop due to a stalled vehicle and accident ahead of me. A Nissan Frontier ahead of me was blocking my view and he suddenly stopped dead in the road. I had fast traffic on either side of me and was blocked into my lane. I hit the breaks thinking that I was going to collide with the truck ahead of me. I have to say, put under extreme circumstances like that, I had no idea how well my new tires would perform. They might have just saved my life tonight or maybe just my vehicle, but I vow that as long as I own this truck my tires are coming from you guys. Thank you for the quality of craftsmanship you maintain and uphold. Never lose that. It could mean everything to someone like it did to me. Thanks again guys."

– Matthew Dieber

Rainer Hoffman
“I have 245-75- R16 Wardens on my 1998 GMC Suburban 2500. They have been through lots of towing, gravel, scoria, gumbo, and every other road surface Montana has to offer. These tires work in 100+ to -40 (Fahrenheit). Interstate journeys in excess of 8 hours as well. The current set is my fifth or sixth and they have performed beyond expectation. I would recommend these tires to anyone as my experience has left me very happy. Life expectancy has exceeded 45-50 thousand miles on the Suburban. My heavier diesel pickups usually got a little less but always had trailers on back and lots of scoria travel. If you do your part these tires will save you lots of money while working just as good as new. Plus you are doing good for the environment. Great Product.”

– Rainer Hoffman

Carlos Osle
"WOW!!! These things made it from Texas to Miami faster than ordering a pizza. Fit perfect and look amazing on my Nissan Titan 2006. No spacers, lifts, levelers, etc. Only thing I did prior was put new Rancho Shocks front and rear. Minimum lift in the front by the Ranchos. The tires look mean, the tire shop that mounted them said they balanced very easily, a sign of a good tire. They do not rub, and do not stick out of the wheel well."

– Carlos Osle

Mark Holden
“Honest review.... they couldn't be better, mine aren't the B2B remold but same tread pattern, and let me say my Toyota with 33's was crawling through stuff that people with expensive 35's / 37's were having trouble, I balanced with beads and don’t notice any vibrations when the beads spread out in the tire, road noise is a little loud, but still quieter than a lot of tires I have heard (I don’t even notice it anymore) and I cant comment on the tread wear considering I have abused these tires, they chunk off on sharp rocks similar to a squishy competition tire or winter tire, but don’t wear down nearly as quick, anyways, if you want to get either a more aggressive tire for the look but don’t want to spend the cash, or even if you need off-road tires and don’t want to break the bank, these are an aggressive tire and cost way less! also great customer service, go checkout their warranty on these tires as well, they have a very well laid out website and a Facebook page where they post contests and deals weekly.”

– Mark Holden

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