We're not just the most aggressive American-made tire, we're also the greenest. Tire remanufacturing has remained a growth industry over the years, with recycled / remolded tires currently on nearly 80% of commercial airlines in the US. In addition to the airline industry, most emergency response vehicles and school buses now use recycled tires. TreadWright has remained committed to growing the LT/SUV and giving more people access to the
highest value tire on the market by introducing new sizes and models every year.


TreadWright Tires was established nearly forty years ago when a team of devoted experts set out to create an affordable, high-quality performance tire. With years of commercial and passenger tire remolding experience, the team surpassed their expectations in creating the first US bead to bead remold tire. Since then, TreadWright has sold over 1,000,000 tires; saving an estimated 50 million dollars for hard-working Americans.


We put our tires to the test with our six point remold process from buffing to our Mold Cure technology. Every tire is tested for quality with NDT Inspections and Sherography X-Ray Quality Checks. The result is the most aggressive American-Made tire, in a price you can get behind. No more buying imports, let's take American Made back!

TreadWright tires are produced with 70% recycled materials including premium brand tire casings. With the same quality, durability, and better mileage than similar tires in its class, TreadWrights are better for your car and better for the environment. Each TreadWright tire uses 12 gallons of oil less than new tire. TreadWright tires are on the road kicking butt — not taking up space in landfills or polluting our nation’s lakes and rivers.