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TreadWright Blog

David Gonzalez - Feature Friday

Join us this Feature Friday to learn more about David Gonzalez aka @OverlandNomad and his project "the mule".  This 02 4Runner is no stranger to back roads and taking the long way home.  David rolls with our 285/75R16 Guard Dog  all over West Texas.  Check out his story on this weeks Feature Friday. 



How to Clean your Mud Tires & Vehicle

You put your Mud Tires to the test and just conquered the muddiest terrain known to man (or at least you tell yourself that) after your celebratory beverage you glance over at "Old Betty" (or your trucks nickname) and realize the badge of mud can quickly result in combat wounds (paint chips). Yes, you have come to the conclusion it is time for a complete wash.


David Fetzner - Feature Friday

This weeks Feature Friday is all about David Fetzner from the currently very snowy roads of West Granby, Connecticut.  Davis is plowing with a 2001 Dodge Cummins Ram 2500 with our Claw 265x75R16 with Kedge Grip all over Connecticut. Check out more about how his Treadwrights help make a difference in Davids community in this weeks blog. 


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