No Hassle 30-day Protection- Return for any reason

Within 30-days of purchase of any Treadwright Tire, customers can
return tires for a full refund of original invoice*. (non-transferable)
Customer responsibility is as follows:

All shipping costs to return tires back to Treadwright
Warehouse. Refunds will be provided upon final inspection
for acceptable condition standards*.

All mount / dismount costs if purchased and returned to
your local authorized TWT retailer. Refunds will be provided
upon final inspection for acceptable condition standards*.

Full 1-year Workmanship Warranty

Treadwright guarantees any remolding technology anomalies*
in the first 3/32nd of tread life up to one year from purchase date*
with a full replacement of exact or similar Treadwright Tire in the first six months. The second six months is a prorated period. After 3/32nd of tread life, the 1-year Workmanship Warranty expires**.

Mileage Warranty

Mileage warranty is for only Premiere Wear upgrades on original
Treadwright Tires. All tires sold via TWT Authorized Retail
locations are Premiere Wear products. Mileage wear is required
to be documented on the original tire installation invoice*.
TWT tread mileage classifications:

HT - 60k miles | AT - 50k miles | MT - 40k miles

Road Hazard Warranty

Available for purchase at Treadwright’s
road hazard warranty offers a free replacement of your tires for one
year from the date of purchase. Road hazards are the result of
unforeseen standard road conditions* that cause a complete tire
failure. This warranty also covers any remolding technology
anomalies. Treadwright is one of the only companies that offers
road hazard warranties in mud terrain classifications.

Qualifications Standards

*Original Invoice - All warranty and TWT benefits will require proof of purchase
(non-transferable) in the form of the original customer’s invoice, sales order or
documented proof of payment. The sale of origin (organization that sold or
distributed any TWT products) will be responsible to process each respective
warranty: examples of sale or origin, but not limited to (Walmart, Amazon,, any TWT authorized retailer, etc.).

*Acceptable Condition Standards - Tires that are mounted/dismounted are eligible for limited returns, but the mount/dismount process can’t produce visual damage to the tire bead. TWT tire tread and side walls must be returned with no distinct visible damage (or tire would fall under road hazard or remolding technology anomalies guidelines) to be eligible for a limited refund or return under TWT warranty and guarantee guidelines. Basic mileage wear on the TWT tread and sidewalls from 30-days or less of standard driving conditions is acceptable per our 30-day guarantee.

*One Year from Purchase Date - This purchase date is confirmed from the original invoice to the date of the documented warranty by the authorized sales organization of TWT. One year is defined as <365 days between original sales invoice and receipt of warranty claim documentation.

**Balance- All tires need to be statically balanced to be able to receive a warranty. The warranty claim must be submitted in the first 30 days of purchase along with photos of the weights on the wheels. Tires suspected of being “out of round” will only be warrantied within the first 30 days and must not be driven on.                                  
*Remolding Technology Anomalies - The following anomalies will be approved
within the first 3/32” of tread wear (as measured in three places equal distance
apart around the entire circumference of the tire). Any tread separations,bubbles or loss of casing belt integrity (bulges on tire) visible on the tire (pictures available are covered under the one-year warranty. Complete casing failures and road hazard (pictures available do not qualify as remolding technology anomalies.

*Mileage Calculated from Original Installation Invoice - Odometer readings will be required to be documented on original invoice to note the start of any mileage warranty. Final mileage calculation will be documented on TWT warranty form or verified by an Authorized Dealer to determine actual miles driven. TWT products that qualify for the mileage warranty are ONLY premiere wear product lines. Credits will be calculated based on the following equation - (Actual Miles Driven) ÷ (Amount of Warranted Miles) x (Actual current dealer selling price). You (customer) will be responsible for the remaining prorated mileage cost of a replacement TWT tire, and the cost of mounting and balancing, taxes, and any other charges.

*Unforeseen standard road conditions – Road hazard damage occurs when a tire fails: Due to a puncture, bruise or break, incurred “during the course of normal driving” beyond the tire manufacturer’s control. Simple examples are nails, glass and potholes while there is at least 2/32” of tread depth remaining on the tire.

* "Flat Spots" are not covered under our warranty due to it being considered a neglect of the tire. They are caused by leaving a vehicle stationary, cold weather, or excessive force braking. 


  1. Road Hazard and full one-year workmanship warranties do not include any
    vehicle damage costs.
  2. Customers are responsible for proper air inflation and tire rotation standards; warranty claims can be declined without proper proof of maintenance records.
  3. By purchasing TWT Tires, the customer agrees to handle any and all arbitration in the state of Texas, Harris County.
  4. Limited Workmanship Warranties prior to January 2020 have a 2-year timeline with first year replacement and second year pro-rated credit for a new TWT tire.