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How to check Air Pressure in 5 Easy Steps

One of the questions we get asked the most is "What air pressure should I use in my truck?" It is a simple question, but the answer hinges on where you drive, what you drive, and how you drive it. So here are some of the ideologies we used to determine the solution.

  1. Check the driver’s side door for the standard cold tire inflation pressure. Some reasons inflation may be higher are listed below:
  • Front and back tires may be different sizes and different tire pressure.
  • Larger vehicles that pull a heavier load may be 4 to 8 greater than smaller vehicles.
  1. Unscrew the valve stem cap from the valve stem of the tire. The valve stem is a 2-3 cm long black or silver extension hear the wheel.
  1. Press the air pressure evenly on the valve stem and note the pressure the gauge reads.
  • a traditional gauge should show pressure immediately, a digital gauge may require a button to press if not reading automatically.
  1. Replace the valve stem cap. The cap does not hold air in the tire but helps the valve stem remain clear and avoid moisture and mud from the valve stem which holds air.
  1. Never try to ballpark a tire pressure. It is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between 55 and 65 psi in a tire. Since tires can sometimes show a bulge on the sidewall, you risk over inflation if you air the tire up until the bulge is gone.  Make sure you are using the tire gauge, getting an accurate reading, and checking your tire pressure monthly.

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