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Road Hazard

Protect Your Investment

               “The only LT Road Hazard offering in the industry!!!”                    Including normal on / off-road use 


Road hazard damage is the result of unforeseen road conditions that result in complete casing failure and is not typically covered under tire manufactures’ warranties. TreadWright’s 2-year industry leading workmanship warranty covers our remolding process, but not road hazards. The most common types of road hazards that can cause tire failure or tire damage are potholes, screws/nails, glass or foreign debris.

With TreadWright’s optional “No Hassle” Road Hazard Certificate, your tire replacement or repair cost is covered, subject to the conditions set forth in TreadWright’s “Road Hazard Warranty Certificate”.


$12.49 Per Tire  BUY NOW

Key benefits of optional “No Hassle” TreadWright Road Hazard Warranty Certificate… the only LT offering in the industry!

All remaining exclusions and limitations are outlined in the “Road Hazard Warranty Certificate”.

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