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Doug Hall - Feature Friday

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So this winter I was driving around on some half worn, terrible all season tires. I live in upstate NY, where winter can be quite harsh. This is my daily driver, I do a fair amount of wheeling and trail rides and was having problems with getting around and really needed some quality winter tires.

Did some research and found out about TreadWright Tires. Was skeptical on how well the tires would be with the price tag they had but they perform better than any tire I've had on this truck. They've seen hard packed dirt roads, snow covered pavement, highway, off-road in deep snow, soupy mud and thick mud.

They ride and work great in all conditions I've put them through. I've put about 7k miles on them and see no visible wear. Not only do these guys make quality products, there customer service is incredible. The amount that those guys did to get me my tires while a winter storm was on its way is more than appreciated, and will definitely have me coming back to buy more tires. To anyone that needs a quality aggressive tire that works in many if not all conditions, get ahold of Treadwright Tires

BUY 31/10.5R15C

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