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TreadWright Trailblazer - Trophy Truck Builder King Nick

TreadWright Trailblazer King Nick

Trophy Truck Builder King Nick

Blue collar bada**, hardcore trophy truck builder and hunter/fisher are all words that describe TreadWright Trailblazer King Nick. We found Nick browsing the lovely world of Instagram and quickly realized he carried the same characteristics and ethics we stand for at TreadWright tires. He is a hard worker, no bullshit blue collar down to earth hard working man. You can often find him posting about his1984 Chevrolet M1031, shooting his custom barrel rifles, hanging out with his lovely girlfriend or down right testing the shi* out of TreadWright Tires.

Without further to do here is our One on One With Creep And Destroy

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I’ve been building off-road race vehicles (Trophy Trucks) for the past 10+ years. Now I’m a fulltime student getting certified for CAD – 3D modeling.

Q: How have you experienced with TreadWright tires been?

A: Love the experience so far! My sponsorship has been so rad, the guys at Treadwright treat me like family and keep in touch as well as always do the right thing if a problem ever comes up. I’m planning on being a teammate for a lifetime.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: My hobbies are typical man activities. They range from fishing (saltwater and fly), spearfishing, camping with my girlfriend and the dogs, hunting, shooting guns, hiking, kayaking, exploring, welding/ fabricating, and cooking. I love being outdoors!

Q: What is your favorite vehicle?

A: For sure the Squarebody chevy. I have been a life long fan. I was hooked when I was a kid, my old man had an extensive background in racing (top fuel, jet dragsters, top fuel boat racing, shifter karts, ATVs and dirtbikes) and his vehicles of choice have always been square body Chevys.

Q: What vehicle do you have your TreadWright Tires on and what makes this vehicle special?

A: The Vehicle that I am running my Treadwright tires on is a 1984 Chevrolet M1031 contact maintenance rig (retired military). I had the original contact box on for a few years with the 12KW PTO generator, Miller welder and air compressor, 55-gallon freshwater tank, propane hot water shower, bed, sink, stove, tools, etc. Ended up making a few changes and now I am currently running an M1028 Communications bed with a soft topper, to save about 3000 lbs.

Chevy Truck With TreadWright Tires

Q: Why did you create a CreepAndDestroy Instagram page

A: I’ve always been pretty anti-social media, but eventually got hooked with Instagram at first I made it to keep in contact with my friends and post pictures of my racing and fabricating life. Over time, it just became a platform for my truck and the rare photos of my personal life. (my followers are much more familiar with my truck than myself).

Q: Feel free to share any information about your passion for vehicles and the outdoors and where this originated

A: My passion came from my childhood on the race track from my old man. I’ve been a gearhead since I started to walk. That branched off to a solid 20+ years of BMX, Baja bugs, (I built a full tube 5/1600 car in high school, daily drove it with no windows or floor, just a roll cage, fuel cell, PRPs, and Crow harnesses). From there it went to high-end race trucks for the Lucas Oil off-road series, lots of Baja Mexico Score racing. As well as the west coast desert racing with some hot rods, custom vintage Harley Davidson choppers, clothing companies, and overland truck companies sprinkled in between all of that.

Q: What does buying American made mean to you?

A: Buying American means everything to me! I’ve been using my hands to build things for well over a decade, and the amount of time, energy, effort, skill, blood and sweat that goes into some of these projects sets a level of pride that cannot be achieved in cheap imported goods. I often find myself fixing or modifying objects right out of the box when I try to save a quick buck, which reinforces the pride in the stamp of MADE IN THE USA. I have a super old school and analog mentality living in a digital world.


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