BleepinJeep Goes To Moab With TreadWright Tires

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This weeks Feature Friday is featuring Tim Hallam from!!! Tim recently tested a set of Claw 33x12.5R15s by driving them from California all the way to Moab before wheeling them all over the trails of Utah!!!

We were recently lucky enough to have a set of our 33x12.5R15 Claw Mud Terrains tested out by Tim from - one of the best resources on YouTube for offroad advice and some of the best content on the internet.   Tim was able to put his set of 33x12.5R15 Claws to the test in Moab.  The build was codenamed "Green Machine."  Here is a quick walkaround of Tim after initially receiving the tires. 

Right after installation, Tim was wheeling at Hole in the Rock Trail which is three hours away from any town of significant size.   Being the only rig without lockers Tim was able to wheel 26 miles while staying in 2WD and only being winched three times (these results may not be typical; as Tim Hallam and BleepinJeep are professional wheelers).  

After initial installation, Tim was able to put a punishing 2,000 miles of interstate and highway miles plus several hundred offroad hours.  Fellow wheelers were astounded by how far Tim was able to get in rear wheel drive.   Treadwrights rubber was able to grip Utahs slick rock sandstone with ease.  

Tim will be releasing a full in depth review on these Claws very soon including footage of his wheeling in Moab and honest feedback about their performance!   Sign up for  our Treadwright Blog to check out once he releases it!!

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