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Adventure Travel Expert Kraig Becker

Adventure Mobile Podcast Host - Adventure Travel Expert Kraig Becker 

We were blessed to Host Kraig Becker on episode two of the Adventure Mobile Podcast.  Where we come together in the spirit of Adventure! Every week we will discuss micro-adventures and Overlanding trips while also sharing useful information about affordable car builds and automotive tips.  Be sure to subscribe to this RSS Feed and our YouTube channel to stay up to date with our latest shows. 

Each episode is repurposed for YouTube and our Blog.  Below you will find the full video interview and footnotes from the interview.  

Kraig Becker BIO:

Kraig is a freelance writer and world traveler who covers mountaineering expeditions, polar exploration, adventure travel, and other outdoor pursuits. He is the editor of The Adventure Blog, is the Adventure and Outdoor Travel expert at, and a regular contributor to Popular Mechanics, OutdoorX4 magazine, Digital Trends, and the Gear Institute.

In the show, we cover the following Topics:

  1. How he got into Product Testing fulltime
  2. How to Bootstrap a Micro Adventure
  3.  How to pinpoint places to Travel to
  4. Adventure Preparation techniques
  5. Products and Services needed to stay safe
  6. Kraigs Favorite Adventure to date
  7. Bucket list Trips for Kraig
  8. Top Products to use in your Micro-Adventures 

How to Contact Kraig Becker:

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Instagram -

Big thanks to who makes it possible for us to bring you this weekly content. We cannot express the importance of being Environmentally cautious to reduce our Carbon footprint. TreadWright Tires offers an intermittent solution to reducing tire pollution while supporting the American Economy without sacrificing safety.


5 Things To Take on Every Adventure

  1. Smartphone – There are few pieces of gear as versatile and useful as a smartphone. Not only can it keep us in contact while traveling, it will also help us navigate, take photos and video, and keep track of our itinerary. You can even use it to take notes or journal about your adventure too. Even when traveling off the grid, these devices can prove indispensable.
  2. USB Battery Pack – If you’re going to carry a smartphone, you’ll need a way to keep it charged, a portable battery pack is a great option. But, these devices will also charge headlamps, GoPro cameras, GPS units, and more.
  3. Backpack – Forget bulky luggage or duffel bags and travel with a backpack instead. A good pack is spacious, have options for keeping your organized, and is the best way to quickly carry all of your on the trail, through airports, and city settings too. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of keeping your hands free.Osprey Backpack
  4. Headlamp – A good headlamp is incredibly handy in any number of situations. Whether you get caught out on the trail after dark, are working around a campsite, or just stumbling through a dark hotel room, a headlamp comes in very handy. I recommend using one of the newer models with rechargeable batteries, as they offer long-lasting performance and impressive levels of brightness.
  5. Travel Insurance – If you’re heading into remote places opting to purchase travel insurance is a great idea. Most adventure travel insurance policies will cover not only evacuation charges but medical bills that may be incurred as well. I highly recommend Ripcord Rescue Travel for handling these kinds of issues. (


Tips For Micro Adventure Traveling


  1. Travel Light – On shorter adventures you don’t need as much gear as you think you do, so leave excess baggage and home and hit the road with fewer things.
  2. Travel with a Friend – All adventures are better when they’re shared. Bring someone along for the ride and build great memories along the way.
  3. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone – It isn’t an adventure if you’re not pushing your boundaries in some way. Try a new activity, visit a foreign destination, or push yourself to the limits physically. Find some way to get outside of your comfort zone, and the rewards will be great.
  4. Plan Ahead – Do research on where you’re going and what you intend to do. This will prevent major surprises along the way and leave you better prepared to deal with any unexpected surprises.
  5. Throw the Plan Away – That said, be prepared to toss out your plan when you discover new opportunities for adventure. Preparation is good, but it is also rewarding to embrace the unknown and strike out in a completely different direction.


Kraig Beckers Future Adventures - Overlanding Across Africa, North to South


Kraig is currently planning an Overlanding route from North Africa to South Africa.  The initial plan would be to start in Alexandria Egypt, which falls along the Mediterranean Sea and start traveling south. The route would pass through Cairo and into Southern Egypt before passing into Sudan. From there, Kraig would turn east to reach Ethiopia, and spend some time exploring the countryside. Kraig plans to eventually turn back down south towards Kenya and Tanzania (two of his favorite destinations). After that, it would be on to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and finally, South Africa, finishing in Cape Town. In totally the trip would cover approximately 6800 miles!  We will be supplying Kraig with all of his tires needs during this trip as well. 


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