275 70 18 E

$ 139.49 $ 187.48

TreadWright Blemish Claw 275/70R18 10PLY mud terrain remold tires | light truck, SUV & 4X4 off-road tires | USA Made


275 70 18 E

$ 139.49 $ 187.48

Mud Terrain 275/70R18 10PLY Claw Tire!

Aggressive Mud Terrain TreadWright Claw

TreadWright’s Most Rugged 4x4 Off-Road Tire: CLAW | 275/70R18 Mud Terrain Truck & SUV | 4x4 off-road tires. CLAW | 275/70R18 mud-terrain truck & SUV | 4x4 off-road tires. The Claw series is TreadWright's most aggressive mud-terrain tread pattern, which is specifically designed for the most challenging 4x4 off-road terrain, with an enhanced footprint providing an aggressive off-road appearance.

THIS IS A COSMETICALLY BLEMISHED TIRE: All of our blemished tires are DOT rated for highway use and are covered by our 2-year workmanship warranty. See photos for examples of cosmetic blemishes. 

Typical blemishes are:

Short Shot - This means that the rubber did not completely fill and press in the mold on a tread lug. The tire will still perform, it just ends up with a few lines in the tread block. The rubber is still the same density and should wear normally. 

Sidewall Blem - A sidewall blem is due to not enough even heat on the sidewall plate on a Bead to Bead tire. In this situationit does not completely cure the sidewall leaving a ring around the tire. Most customers just mount this side in, since it usually only happens on one side of the tire.

Balancing Weight - Many of our blems may require additional weight to balance the tire (up to 12 ounces).

Tread Block - Some tires can have an extra layer of rubber considered Tread Block


 The Claw is TreadWright’s answer for an aggressive tread design that at its core is a premiere off-road mud-terrain tire, but with design features that truly make it an any-terrain tire. The Claw tread pattern has enhanced traction features for the most extreme mud, gravel, and snow driving conditions. The narrow lug design gives the Claw more surface area on the highway, which prevents excessive road noise when returning home on paved highways from your 4x4 off-road adventures. If you’re looking for the most aggressive mud-terrain tire in the most challenging terrain, the Claw delivers.
  • Tire Tread Depth: 15/32”
    Tire Weight: Typically 56 LBS 
    Load Index: 125/122
    Speed Rating: R
    Studdable: No
    Rim Width Range: 7-8.5”
    Tire Tread Width: 9”
    Section Width: 10.2" 
    Outer Tire Diameter: 32.8”
    Max PSI: 80 psi
    Max Load: 3,640 lbs
  • The Wright Warranty: 1 Year Workmanship Warranty
    Road Hazard Warranty Optional - (Can add at Checkout)
    Industry Certified - Retread Tire Association
    Environmentally Friendly - 65% Less Oil Than a New All-Terrain Tire
    40 Years of Proven Remold Tire Experience. This LT A/T all-terrain tire is a remold (same curing process used in new tire manufacturing) not a traditional retread.
    Full-Grade Truck Rubber, same mileage as most OE LT/SUV tires on the market
    Pre Static Balancing
    Premium Tire Casings 

*Treadwright Tires recommend static balancing of our tires. Due to our aggressive lugs and that we static balance our tires during production, static balancing is the best option.