Why TreadWright?

Here Is Why You Should Shop With TreadWright Tires

TreadWright Tires was established nearly forty years ago when a team of devoted experts set out to create an affordable, high-quality performance tire targeted at small business owners, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts. With years of commercial and passenger tire remolding experience, the team surpassed their expectations in creating the first US bead to bead remold tire. Since then, TreadWright has sold over 1,000,000 tires; saving an estimated 50 million dollars for hard-working Americans.

Since WWII remolding has come to virtually every area of the commercial vehicle marketplace.  The rubber we use at Treadwright comes from the same supplier to some largest airlines in world. Needless to say, durability and safety are the number one priority when it comes to our materials. TreadWright has been expanding its range of all terrain and mud-terrain tires every year — if you don’t see what you need, let us know.  

For most of it’s history, Treadwright made non-branded remolds for the agriculture and construction industries. In 2014, Anthony Showen, former Navy nuclear submarine engineer and veteran of Goodyear’s commercial operations group, purchased the company with investors.  Treadwright built a new factory in Houston, TX and began making Treadwright branded remolds that were both structurally and cosmetically indistinguishable from new tires.  While remolded tires for passenger vehicles (non-commercial) are common in Europe, Treadwright makes the only consumer remold in North America




Houston, Texas

Are tires are meant for:

Light trucks: SUV’s, pick-up trucks, Jeeps, mud terrain vehicles, all-terrain vehicles

Our customers:

Small business owners, construction workers, farmers, first responders, veterans, hunters, fishermen, overlanders and outdoor and off-road enthusiasts of all types

What Is a Remold?

TreadWright uses a remold manufacturing process that is nearly identical to new tire manufacturing. The process starts with a premium casing (Goodyear, Michelin etc.) that has passed a complete integrity inspection. The used tread is buffed off the casing and then completely rebuilt with a new commercial grade tread compound (better off-road wear characteristics).  The rebuilt casing is then remolded with the same presses and manufacturing processes used to cure new tires. Recycled / remolded tires are used in 80% of commercial airlines, emergency response vehicles and school buses all across the US. The Department of Transportation has determined that remolded tires and new tires have the exact same defect rate. Yes, you are extremely safe in TreadWright Tires too.

Big Tires, Small Environmental Footprint:

TreadWright tires are produced with 70% recycled materials including premium brand tire casings. With the same quality, durability, and better mileage than similar tires in its class, TreadWrights are better for your car and better for the environment.  Each TreadWright tire uses 12 gallons of oil less than new tire. TreadWright tires are on the road kicking butt — not taking up space in landfills or polluting our nation’s lakes and rivers. The best benefit from recycling is the price advantage and enhanced engineering we can build into each TreadWright tire.  We invest more in our rubber compounds to create improved wear characteristics in off-road applications without sacrificing our price point.  

American Manufacturing:

Chinese manufacturers have saturated the US domestic market driving down prices in the middle and lower tier segments of the tire market.  While premium tires such as Goodyear, Michelin, and BF Goodrich do not compete directly with Chinese brands, the entire industry feels the effect. The Chinese manufacturers have surged in the light truck replacement tire market despite tariffs imposed recently.  Today, low quality Chinese tires make up 50% of the light truck market (SUV’s, pick-ups, Jeeps).  With state supported Chinese manufacturers selling below cost, domestic producers of “price point” lower tier tires are unable to compete.  This is where Treadwright provides an American made option for consumers seeking performance tires at a competitive price.  Our customers  get an American made product with premium performance, below imported Chinese tire prices.

Retread VS. Remold

Retreaded tires use pre-cured rubber.  Treads are installed already cured and hardened then glued on a casing.  The curing process takes place in an oven chamber with 20 tires at a time.  Re-treaded tires are appropriate for the non-steering tires on 18-wheel vehicles and other applications where performance and aesthetics are less critical.

 TreadWright tires are remolded and cured using our Moldcure Technology.  Soft mold cure rubber compounds are applied to the casing and they are then cured in a press one at a time. This is the same processes used to produce new tires on the same equipment as major premium tire manufacturers.   Our remanufacturing process creates a tire superior to the traditional re-treading processes, allowing us to offer our customers better value without compromising quality. For more information about to differences please vist here 


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What is A Remold Tire? 

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