North East Bomb Cyclone - High Winds & Power Outage

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Bomb Cyclone Storm

Source: CNN & FOX

The North East Coast is being hammered this Friday with a ferocious mix of howling winds, drenching rain, some snow and surging waves as it carried the threat of morphing into a "bomb cyclone."

"Take this storm seriously!" the National Weather Service in Boston warned via Twitter. "This is a LIFE & DEATH situation for those living along the coast, especially those ocean-exposed shorelines."
The blustery, wet barrage, with about 80 million people in its path, was packing wind gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour and knocking out power, flooding neighborhoods and walloping homes up and down the Atlantic coast.
    "We are already experiencing downed trees and limbs," Brockton, Massachusetts Mayor Bill Carpenter said mid-morning Friday on Twitter. "Be prepared for power outages, drive with care."
    More than a thousand US flights have been canceled, including hundreds at the busiest Northeast airports. One plane's bumpy descent into the Washington area left passengers and crew nauseated, according to a pilot's report tweeted by the Aviation Weather Center.


    A HIGH WIND WARNING will be in effect across eastern MA from 10 AM this morning through Saturday 10 AM.   Plan on sustained NE winds 25-45 mph and gusts 50-70 mph, Gusts could go up to 75 mph on the Cape and Islands-that's hurricane force!  Wind damage will occur.  The greatest risk is to tree limbs and power lines, but could certainly include property.


    Astronomical high tides AND onshore wind today and tomorrow will result in multiple high tides bringing in MODERATE to MAJOR COASTAL FLOODING and SEVERE BEACH EROSION.  The entire east coast of MA is under a Coastal Flood Warning through Sunday morning (yes, that includes Boston). The most damaging tides to monitor include: Friday 11 AM, Friday 11 PM and Saturday NOON.  These may be the highest tides recorded.   Flooding will be similar to what we saw Jan 4th for not ONE high tide like that day, but THREE high tides.

    We don't often forecast major coastal flooding.  It's a big deal.  Not only will coast roads become impassable, structure (including home) damage is expected.  Persistent and strong NE wind will make it difficult for water to drain away from affected communities between tides too.  Inundation and waves may linger into Sunday when winds are finally expected to weaken-though they'll still blow onshore.

    RAIN & SNOW:

    Wind-driven rain will continue through the day and into the evening.   A FLOOD WATCH for 1-4", locally up to 5", rainfall will be in effect through Saturday morning.  City streets, rivers, and streams may experience flooding.  NEVER drive across a flooded road. 

    As the storm drifts south Friday night, expect a change to snow especially inland and at higher elevations. This is the trickiest part of the forecast.   The Worcester Hills, Berkshires, southern Vermont, and southwestern New Hampshire are the target areas for the most snow and slippery travel today and tonight. We may see a flip to snow this evening even at the coast with minor accumulation.

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