Jeeps - Jeeps - And More Jeeps Go Top'less At Crystal Beach

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One of the largest gathering's of Jeeps, trucks, and off-roading enthusiasts happens every spring at Crystal Beach on Boliver Island in Galveston, TX. Go Top'less is a national themed event in multiple locations across the country, encouraging Jeep owner's to take off the tops of their Jeeps and celebrate the "top's off" summer convertible season. This year there were an estimated, 3500 plus vehicles over a 10 mile stretch on the beach, over the weekend of May14th-15th.

TreadWright tires was there to be part of this huge event and to make some new friends in the Jeep-ing community. Saturday was a great day with the largest crowd enjoying 85 degree weather and a warm Gulf of Mexico tide. TreadWright met a very excited crowd with free Frisbee's and a chance to win a free set of TreadWright tires just for stopping by our booth.

We look forward to supporting the enthusiasts of all-terrain and mud-terrain tires in as many locations as we can this summer and if you see us there come check out TreadWright tires. 

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