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How to Clean your Mud Tires & Vehicle

Time to Clean your Mud Tires

You put your Mud Tires to the test and just conquered the muddiest terrain known to man (or at least you tell yourself that) after your celebratory beverage you glance over at "Old Betty" (or your trucks nickname) and realize the badge of mud can quickly result in combat wounds (paint chips). Yes, you have come to the conclusion it is time for a complete wash.

Mud Terrain Tires that clog with mud and debris resulting in less traction and overall grip. The results can leave you stuck in the mud, so to avoid this from ever happening we recommend cleaning out the lugs of your tires before conquering a tough ride. Below are our recommendations of how to clean out your tires!

Cleaning Step One: Equipment

Ole Betty is ready for her rinse, and to do her justice; you will need to make sure you have the appropriate equipment. We recommend getting a pressurized soap dispenser along with a car-specific soap. It is important to have enough pressure to knock off the mud off your mud tires; we recommend the Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun. Any good automotive-cleaning soap is made for automotive use, which means it will not strip the wax or greases that most vehicles are full of, but are good at breaking down organic matter like bugs and bird poop. Also, a good automotive soap can mix into extra-strength batches for pretreating an extra-filthy front end or lower panels that need some extra love or used straight for spot-treating dirt and stuck-on messes. We have seen positive results with the Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Superior Surface cleaning soap. Finally, you will need to obtain wash mitts and cleaning pads as seen here. For more detailed cleaning you will need to get the Wash Brush, the wash brush can cut down tremendously on truck bed cleaning. Note: No Kitchen Soap. Ole Betty does not like Kitchen soap.

Cleaning Step Two - Application:

First, you will start out with a gentle wash down of your vehicle. Start with soaking the undercarriage and your mud tires to loosen the mud then move to the rest of the vehicle. Once you have lathered your vehicle with some good ole H20, it is time to apply the Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun and Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Superior Surface cleaning soap. Make sure you have the desired pressure when using the Torq Foam Blaster to ensure you do not pull off any paint. When you apply the automotive soap, you will use a flicking motion, which will help distribute the product you are using and conserve cleaner. Remember while you are spraying to use one direction when cleaning your truck. Cleaning in a swirling motion can cause scratches from different directional shooting. Here at Treadwright we recommend going from front to back of the truck.

Now that you have your vehicle all lathered up with cleanser and water it is time to start knocking that mud off the undercarriage. The easiest way to do this is to get down on the ground and spray and scrub the undercarriage with the Torq Foam Blaster and Wash Brush. Once the mud is off, and the cleanser has been applied it is time to wash your vehicle down one more time with just water! Oh and don't forget to open the doors and spray the mud that gets in the door and the rocker panel.

Cleaning Step Three - Drying Off:

Now let's not be ole billy bob drying our vehicle off with paper towels, old t-shirt, or bathroom towel to clean your truck. Use the wash mitts and cleaning pads featured earlier. Try not to drop your wash mitts or cleaning pad on the ground be sure to double check it before using it again. Sometimes they can pick up debris such as rocks and gravel.  As for your mud tires, you can let these babes sun bath to dry off. 

Final Step - Waxing

Do we really need to wax? If so, then venture here for a waxing tutorial!

Extra Tips
  • Cleaning Mud Tire Lugs During a Mudding Expedition: Find somewhere to pause while on your journey and throw it in reverse to about 30-40mph to flick as much mud off the tires as possible. (this trick is only for a short distance to the next muddy section – rapid acceleration will flick it off and spin your wheels). 
  • Never wash the truck in direct sunlight or when it is very hot. The reason behind this is that the hot weather will cause the water to evaporate. With cleaning chemicals and cleaners they are not made for hot surfaces – the directions will tell you to park your car in the shade.
  • Too much water pressure will destroy your paint. Test the pressure by putting your hand in front of the water and if it hurts your hand – your pressure is too high.
  • The Special Treadwright Car Wash tip – Take an extra 5 Gallon bucket with you to the DIY Carwash. Spend the $1 or whatever it costs to get the machine going rinse the vehicle as much as possible then put some water in your 5-gallon bucket and fill it with foam.

Co-Author - Tony Floyd 

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