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How Tire Dumping Harms the Environment

Happy Earth Day and thank you for considering TreadWright Tires!!

When you are considering Treadwright Tires, you are not only saving money but are also helping us with our mission of reducing the world's tire pollution.  

Here at TreadWright Tires we take pride in doing our part to combat pollution using 70% recycled materials, as we reuse premium brand, tire casings.  Each TreadWright tire uses approximately 6 gallons of oil compared to 18 gallons for a new tire. TreadWright ensures that used tires are not taking up space in landfills or polluting our nation’s lakes and rivers.  TreadWright reinvests these raw material savings into superior tread rubber compounds to create improved wear characteristics in off-road applications without sacrificing price or performance, which ultimately means cost savings and higher value to every TreadWright customer.

In Britain, all truck tires must be recovered, recycled and reused.

Evidence of Tire Pollution

Some of the biggest evidence of tire pollution is found in Kuwait, where the average tire is used for 20,000 miles and then dumped into the tire graveyard. Kuwait's city Sulaibbiya cuts out gigantic holes every year just to add to the tire graveyard and have already accumulated over 7 Million Tires at this location

 Kuwait has a Tire landfill that has grown so much, you can literally see it from space.

Kuwait Tire graveyard

Another look at Kuwait Tire graveyard

 Photo: Sulabiya, Kuwait

Widespread Tire Pollution Problem

Though Kuwait offers a great example of the vast problem of tire pollution the problem is not corned to just their location.  The problem is widespread throughout the world.

Here in the United States, we can find examples of Tire Pollution all over the place.

Near the Colorado Rockies, not far where you can see our friends from Gear Monkey Racing wheeling around in their Jeeps is a less majestic mountain range with a collection of thousands of tire carcasses.  According to the Denver Post, Colorado has over 31 millions tires North of Hudson and 27 million south of Colorado Springs.  Although Colorado continues to allow people to dump tires in Monofills (tire-only landfills) – currently a tire may only be dumped for every two removed for recycling.   

Tire Dumping in Colorado

Photo: Livermore, Colorado 

The tire landfill will stop accepting tires Jan 1, 2018.  They will have to close and
clean up by 2024.

Landfills allow tire dealers to dispose of tires cheaply instead of paying recyclers who re-use them.  The tires are separated into groups, with 40 feet gaps that allow firefighters quick access through the landfills.   

Tire Dumping making it's way to ponds

The monetary part of disposing of tires has made tire dumping a common theme across the world. 

In Detroit abandoned homes have been the victim of illegal dumping of tire carcasses at such an alarming rate entire streets are littered.  The city has tried lowering the disposal fee as well as removing the littered carcasses - only to be littered with even more. 

Tire Dumping in abandon houses in Detroit


Treadwright ensures that tires are not taking up space in landfills or polluting our nation's lakes and rivers.  Treadwright reinvests these raw material savings into superior tread rubber compounds to create improved wear characteristics in off-road applications without sacrificing the price or performance, which ultimately means cost savings and higher value to every Treadwright customer.

    How can you make a difference?

    * Purchase your tires from TreadWright or other remolding/retread companies
    * Recycle your old tires at local recycling companies - Full US LIST HERE
    * If you have a lot of casings you can see if you qualify to be a TW Casing Vendor - HERE


    Shop today at www.TreadWright.com or call us at (713) 487-4661


    Co-Author: Derrest Williams, Jr.

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    abr. 12, 2018 • Posted by Tom Meyer

    I just found out about you company , I think it is a great what you guy’s are doing , will be shopping for tire’s soon , for my Baja bug. I will check out what you have for my project.
    Great to see something made in the USA.

    jul. 18, 2017 • Posted by Justin VanHaitsma

    Kuwait’s tire graveyard is much MUCH bigger now than in the photo. Very sad to see…. check it out here…. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Sulaibiya+tyre+graveyard,Kuwait/@29.2555824,47.6688925,1880m/data=1e31m71s0x3fcff190d6e73aff:0×95e17e7adafb02fc!2sSulaibiyatyre+graveyard,+Kuwait8m24d47.67074371s0x3fcff190d6e73aff:0×95e17e7adafb02fc3d29.2599692!4d47.6707437

    may. 09, 2017 • Posted by Bonnie Burgardt

    We are located in Minot, ND. We currently have nowhere to take our old tires for recycling. Where do you get your tires for remolding? We would be interested in sending them to you if it is something you do. Thank you.
    Harry’s Tire Service/Dakota Truck&Farm

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