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How Do Retread Tires Work? | TreadWright Tires

TreadWright Tires Mold Cure Retreading Process

Ove the years Retread tires have been growing in popularity thanks to their cost efficiency, environmental friendliness, and quality performance. But the question remains how do Retread Tires Work?

Step One in Tire Readtreading Process - Meticulous Inspection

At TreadWright Tires, we begin the process of retreading or recapping the tire by putting the premium casing through quality inspection process at our NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Machine. The NDT Machine uses an electrical current to verify the integrity of the steel belts before any tire is moved into the production process. This ensures that our inspection process upholds the TreadWright standard quality expectations.

TreadWright Non-Destructive Testing Inspection

Step Two in Tire Retreading Process - Buffing

After a tire passes inspection, the next step is to remove all of the old tread and side wall rubber from the casing only leaving the undertread, which is called “buffing."

TreadWright Buffing Station in the Mold Cure Retread Process

Step Three in Tire Retreading Process - Recapping "Applying New Rubber"

The next step is to apply new premium grade unvulcanized rubber to the buffed casing. This process is achieved through an Orbitread machine which applies layers of the industrial grade rubber compound (higher wear characteristics) to the crown and shoulder of each casing. As the Orbittead implements the new rubber it simultaneously computer balances each tire ensuring quality TreadWright tires that will perform under high-stress environments. Before moving onto the mold curing process, a new layer of veneer 3 PLY rubber is added to the sidewalls, which brings the entire tire back to a new condition (common in Warden, Guard Dog, Axiom and Claw brands).

Recapping the Tire with Premium Rubber During the Mold Cure Retread Process

Step Four in Tire Retreading Process - Mold Cure "Press"

The next step in our manufacturing process is to cure the tire. Each rebuilt casing is individually placed in its corresponding mold/press (size and model) and cured with the appropriate heat and time. The tire is now remanufactured back to a completely new condition. Our presses and molds use the same mold curing process that is standard in all new tire manufacturing plants.

TreadWright Mold Cure Press

Step Five in Tire Retreading Process - Final Inspection & Final Balancing

The final step is to 100% inspect your new TreadWright tire. We trim all of the excess rubber called "flash" and visually inspective all lugs and branded sidewalls. Tires are then given a second NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and balance inspection to ensure the integrity and balance specifications of the tire were not changed or altered during the remolding process. We balance all of our tires before shipping to ensure your complete satisfaction!

TreadWright Final Inspection and Balance Checking

Now you can see why customers can rely on TreadWright Tires time and time again. We are not your grandpa's retread. With our unique Mold Cure Process, our Retread Tires are built with high quality, environmental concise and safety in mind. We are reducing our Carbon Foot Print while offering some of the most competitive prices in Mud Terrain and All Terrain Tires market.

At TreadWright Tires, we’re passionate about creating a quality retread tire.

Contact us at 713-487-4661 or email us at Orders@treadwright.com

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mar. 01, 2019 • Posted by Miles David Stiles

I have 35" tire’s I need retreaded is this something you can help with. How much does it cost. And how much to ship.

mar. 01, 2019 • Posted by Miles David Stiles

I have 35" tire’s I need retreaded is this something you can help with. How much does it cost. And how much to ship.

ago. 27, 2018 • Posted by Don

Can you retread a Mickey Thomson 35 × 17.5 baja belted?

ago. 27, 2018 • Posted by tom

great looking tires I was approved trhu your finanace company . I cant wait to get them mounted on my jeep !!

feb. 16, 2018 • Posted by Carl R Carberry

Hi my name is Bob You tires look good i might some towards spring !

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