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TreadWright Mud Terrain Tires

You have finally decided to get some mud terrain tires to help you conquer any mudding activities or outdoor elements. Here at TreadWright, we understand getting a quality mud tire at an affordable price can be tricky. Luckily you found TreadWright where you will be able to find cheap mud tires without sacrificing safety or quality. TreadWright is famously known for our Mold Cure Process and being the cheapest Tire in the LT & SUV Off Road Industry. 

Cheap Mud Tires

Here at TreadWright, we offer cheap mud tires or "Mudders" that are specifically designed to handle mud, rock, gravel and various other outdoor conditions. Our cheap mud tires provide the bite and stability you need for varying off road applications while providing TreadWright's attractive Tread Patterns. With any mud terrain tire, you will sacrifice some of the quietnesses but will increase, the confidence to face the toughest off road conditions while still being suitable for your daily driving needs. We offer a wide selection of MT tires with price points to suit any budget and fast shipping.

TreadWright Customer with Mud Tires

What is a Mud Terrain Tire?

Mud terrain tires have to do more than just look tough- they have to get you into the rough places and get you back out again. Mud terrain tires typically have an aggressive tread and deep lugs with self-cleaning bars to eject mud and stones. They also usually feature a rubber compound that is suitable for off-road or on a dry highway, and extra layers of steel belts and nylon reinforcement in the tread and sidewall to resist punctures and cuts from rocks and other obstacles. In other words, mud terrain tires are just tough tires that mean business once you get off-road!

Mud Tire Tread Patterns 

The TreadWright Claw Mud Tire

The Claw is TreadWright’s answer for an aggressive tread design that at its core is a premiere off-road mud-terrain tire, but with design features that truly make it an any-terrain tire.  The Claw tread pattern has enhanced traction features for the most extreme mud, gravel, and snow driving conditions. The Claws high void lug pattern allows the tread to self as you driving resulting into superior traction.  The narrow lug design gives the Claw more surface area on the highway, which prevents excessive road noise when returning home on paved highways from your 4x4 off-road adventures.  If you’re looking for the most aggressive mud-terrain tire in the most challenging terrain, the Claw delivers.

TreadWright Claw - Aggressive Mud Tire

The TreadWright Guard Dog Mud Tire

The Guard Dog’s combined uniform center lug pattern and open outer lugs create an off-road tire with maximum traction while generating less noise for highway commuting.  Guard Dog’s (M/T) are designed for the Light Truck, 4x4 and SUV adventure seeker who desires the look and performance of rugged, off-road mud-terrain tires, while maintaining excellent wear characteristics in all driving conditions. Guard Dogs are available in widths up to 35” and rim sizes up to 18”.

 TreadWright Guard Dog Mud Tires


Use our nifty search to filter by tire size or your vehicle model. Every tire with the letters MT next to the name is considered to be apart of our mud terrain family. If you have questions or need help finding a tire, Contact Us!

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