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TreadWrights Toughest Test Yet - King Of Hammers Stock Race


The Toughest Race in The Country 

Every February over 40,000+ individuals and 300+ teams gather outside of Johnson Valley, CA for the hardest one-day racing event in the world, The King Of Hammers.  Known for chewing up vehicles and spitting out tires, desert racing of 100MPH with rock crawling gear ratios as low as 100 to 1. This race is meant to test every aspect from your equipment setup to your driving skills.  This is why TreadWright Tires is excited to announce our partnership with Gear Monkey Racing (GMR).  Together we plan to show the durability of our Mold Cure Tire while wheeling Gear Monkey Racing to conquering the Every Man Challenge Stock Race.

Though in the early stages of this journey, GMR is confident in their ability to finish the race though they are already dealing with numerous challenges from budgeting to time. Even with partnerships from TreadWright Tires and Hooligan Off Road GMR still has a lot of items on the budget list that need to be checked off.  To get relief from some of the personal financial burdens the team is taking on more sponsors and donations on their website for anyone looking to get involved. 

As if bootstrapping a build for the hardest race in the world wasn't already enough they have also found a formidable opponent in time.  Less than five months out the Gear Monkey Racing team is balancing their working life with the project build.  Daniel May-Applegate, a team member from GMR, believes that along as they have the parts the team can complete the build in 10 days that stay within the 62 Page Rule Book.

 Interview with Gear Monkey Racing - Daniel May-Applegate

Team member Daniel May-Applegate came on our Podcast show this week to discuss their journey in more detail.   

King of Hammers FAQ

How can I enter the King of Hammers Race? 

  • You can apply to enter the Every Man Challenge Stock race here 

What is the 2018 King of Hammers Event Date?

  • Friday, February 2nd, 2018 - February 9th, 2018 

Where is the King of Hammers Located? 

  • Hammertown is the central meeting place during  King of The Hammers week.  It is located on Mean's Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, CA. The address for most GPS Units is Boone Rd Landers, CA 92285. You can also type "king of the hammers" into Google Maps and it will direct you there!

How to Spectate at King of Hammers?

If you are wanting to join 40,000+ screaming fans to see GMR compete here is how. 

  • You will be able to register on their website in advance with a $20 spectator fee.  If you what until the day of the event you will be paying $25 to get in.  I couldn't find the current link to buy spectating tickets for 2018, but you can visit here for more information

What to Bring to King of Hammers?

  • We recommend checking out this Pinterest from a vet who puts out all the supplies possibly needed here

Can I bring a Camper to King of Hammers?

  • Yes, and campsites are free.

Can I go Off Road if I'm spectating? 

  • Before the races, they will have an open spot for everyone to the wheel as long as their OHV has a permit. 


The Results 

Gear Monkey Racing raced on February 23rd, 2018 in the Everyman Challenge at King Of hammers and made it 96 miles of 135 and was 6th furthest on the course in their class before getting timed out. 

Overall, our tires ran the toughest one day race in the world and came out unscathed. We are happy to say that King Of Hammers was conquered by our TreadWright Remolded Tires.

Gear Monkey Racing used our 35x12.5R17 8PLY Guard Dogs to compete in the everyman challenge at King Of Hammers. Throughout the race, the team saw numerous other teams with blowouts, flats, and punctures with their premium tires as they ran through Baja sand dunes and grueling rock obstacles.

The team was simply amazed how our TreadWright Tires held up without any punctures, flats or blowouts after seeing so many on the course by other teams. The TreadWright Tires ran in the race are still in such good condition they plan on using the same tires on the next race.

This is a testament to the TreadWright craftmanship and quality of work we put behind every tire. TreadWright has proven that it can not only hang with premium tires but even outperform them on the worlds toughest stage.

Gear Monkey Racing is quoted saying “They call this the toughest single day race in America and these tires survived all of the elements, The high speed 60+mph desert and the toughest rock trails I've ever been on.”

TreadWright Tires at King of HammersTreadWright Tires a King Of Hammers

TreadWright Tires After Kind Of HammersTreadWright Tires after King Of HammersTreadWright Tires after King of Hammers



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may. 14, 2018 • Posted by Jeremiah Lamson

Looking for 275/55/R20. You hiya make them

oct. 06, 2017 • Posted by Tony Parisi

I love Johnson Valley!! I use to camp and ride my dirt bike out there years ago. What a great spot to race. I live in Texas now but would be a spectator if I was still in So. Cal. Enjoy!

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