TreadWright Tires Products

TreadWright Remold Tires

Unlike the pre-cure process, a remolded tire is the closest retread you can get to a brand new tire. During the building process, a remolded retread tire is wrapped with unvulcanized industrial grade rubber to the crown and shoulder of each tire by an Orbitread machine.  The sidewalls are then given a new layer of sidewall veneer, which brings the entire tire back to a new condition (common in WardenGuard Dog and Claw brands). All TW tires are balanced with a Corghi Balancer prior to remolding.  Learn more about our manufacturing process here

Kedge Grip Upgrades

Live up North or in a state where snow is a way of life?  Then you may be interested in TreadWright Tires Kedge Grip upgrades.  Kedge Grip is a fine combination of walnut shells and glass particles that are mixed into the entire tread compound during the manufacturing process. Mixing Kedge Grip with the rubber compound allows Kedge Grip to be available for the entire life of a TreadWright tire. To add kedge grip just select the kedge variation of the tire you are interested in. You can learn more about Kedge Grip here

Premiere Wear Upgrades

Are you driving a lot of highway miles and tired of replacing tires every 30,000 miles?  If so, you may be interested in our Premiere Wear upgrade.

Premiere Wear has exceptional wear characteristics in rugged or high-temperature conditions.  Built for the outdoor enthusiast who uses their main vehicle for explorations and a daily driver.   To select Premiere Wear just hit the drop-down arrow on the product page and select the variation.   You can learn more about Premiere Wear Here