Industrial Engineer (Houston, TX)

Job Posting – Industrial Engineer (Houston, TX)


Headquartered in Southeast Houston, TX, TreadWright Tires manufactures and distributes the most environmental light truck & SUV tires in the industry.  We are looking for an entrepreneurial mind set with an enthusiastic approach to B2B sales who can maximize our price advantage in the market.  Experience with retail, wholesale and B2B tire sales is required.  We are offering positions nationally.


Essential Skills:

  • Design and develop conveyor roller system to minimize production operational costs by efficiently moving materials from one work station to another in the production facility.
  • Evaluate the integrated systems to increase overall company efficiency and profitability by improvement in logistics management system.
  • Design a new integrated system to conduct Non-destructive testing on the casings to eliminate the bottle neck by increasing the capacity of the process.
  • Test and analyze the Shearography machine to validate the structural integrity of the tires for quality assurance on the finish goods stored in our current inventory.
  • Perform cost analysis on the present production processes and manage them to design better production coordination.
  • Implement a integrated warehouse management system (WMS) to control and manage day-to-day operations in the warehouse.
  • Perform and evaluate curing analysis and hardness test on all raw materials to confirm the specifications are within the quality standards to maintain quality control over the production processes.
  • Maintain and develop the 4 new curing VR4 presses and 1 new Acutread builder to increase the production capacity by 15% with accurate production coordination.
  • Evaluate new plant layout with mono rail system for better material handling to improve the productivity and efficiency by improving material flow and production coordination.
  • Conduct a cost analysis on the 3 new tire tread designs Mud lord 35/12.5R22, Dirt lord 275/65/20 and Warden 37/12.5/17 in the market to attain 80% of the light truck market tire sizes and the present production costs for these new sizes.
  • Analyze and evaluate the current integrated system to optimize the machines layout with better material flow to maintain low labor rate – $12.5/tire including the human work force.
  • Review and develop new ERP barcode system for better tracking the raw materials to improve production process coordination and as well as achieve better inventory control over the finish goods.


    Education and/or Experience:

    Requires Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.


    Salary Requirements



    Job Conditions / Safety Requirements:

    Work is performed both in a normal manufacturing/distribution environment with lifting requirements up to 60lbs. 


    To Apply:

    Please mail resumes to HR:

    Treadwright Tires, LLC
    6501 Navigation Blvd Suite 100
    Houston TX 77011