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TreadWright Tires Sustainability Webinar

Global Tire Sustainability 

23 European countries have adopted EPR programs to increase recycling and achieve higher end-uses for used tires.  Learn how the US is stepping up and advancing tire sustainability by joining our webinar with Product Stewardship Institution. 


The Tire Problem 

The U.S. generates approximately 242 million scrap tires each year.  Although tire recycling opportunities exist across North America, more than half tire delivered from disposal are burned as tire-derived fuel (TDF), which produces energy but is more resource intensive than reuse or recycling scrap tires into new tires and other products, and is a missed opportunity to create additional recycling jobs. 

A Solution 

TreadWright, a Texas-based company, has developed a superior remolded tire that uses 70 percent recycled material, costs 40 percent less than new tires, and is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

Join The Discussion 

Join us for our webinar Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 1:00pm - 2:30PM EDT.  We will be discussing the technological innovation developed by TreadWright and their role in advancing tire recycling in the U.S. We'll also hear from a tire trade association representative who will discuss broad sustainability goals of tire repair, reuse/retread, and recycling as well as long-time TreadWright tire user who will discuss the user perspective. 



Tom Metzner
Environmental Analyst
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Anthony Showen
Chief Executive Officer and Partner TreadWright Tires
David Stevens
Managing Director Tire Retread Information Bureau
Scott Cassel (Moderator) 
Chief Executive Officer and Founder Product Stewardship Institute, Inc.
John Knapton
Mountain Operations Manager Big Sky Resort
Suna Bayrakal, PhD
Senior Associate for Policy and ProgramsProduct Stewardship Institute

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jun. 25, 2018 • Posted by Nishok Santhiyapillai

Gingium tire giveaway

jun. 25, 2018 • Posted by Dave Graziano

Looking for tires for my van

jun. 25, 2018 • Posted by David Graziano

Hello, I was watching a YouTube video of a gentleman I follow and he referenced if we needed tires to reach out to you guys. I got disconnected talking to the online chat. My wife’s van has 235 65R 16C continental vanco four seasons. The tires are on a 2016 Ford Transit 350 12 passenger van. Do you guys sell anything that would fit our van.


jun. 25, 2018 • Posted by oscar guzman

I love how using a good set of tires like treadwright can make a whole difference in driving.

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