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Treadwright Sponsors Expeditionary Veterans Association to Combat PTSD


Treadwright is happy to announce their value in kind sponsorship with Expeditionary Veterans Association (EVA).  Over the past few months, Treadwright tires have been in discourse with US Army OIF-1 Combat Veteran Spc Jacob Cruz-Ratliff about sponsoring a value in kind set of tires for his EVA organization. After learning about EVA’s compelling story through a Question and Answer Segments, we couldn’t ship out a set of Warden 315X70R17 fast enough! Take a look at the Q& A Segments featuring EVA US Army OIF-1 Combat-Veteran Spc Jacob Cruz-Ratliff below.


Q: Tell Us a bit about your Organization

 A: Founded and Operated by US Army OIF-1 Combat-Veteran Spc. Jacob Cruz-Ratliff, this association was developed to assist Veterans that have PTSD and to support them in organized outdoor types of activities with other Veterans that suffer from PTSD. Jacob also suffers from PTSD, but throughout the years out of the military, he found therapy through outdoor recreational activities that have helped him cope with life after combat. His favorite activities are Mountain Biking, Surfing/Bodyboarding, and Hiking. Being that he loved the outdoor lifestyle and was always around fellow Veterans, he thought he would start something that could not only benefit him but also other Veterans that suffer from PTSD. 

Two to Four times a week, EVA has planned and will continue to plan more activities that will be posted on social media sites, in hopes to help these Veterans adjust back into society to include making new friendships as they once did while serving in the military. We hope this organization can provide a better way of life for them. Additionally, if you know anyone that would like to participate in our events, please refer them to us and we will gladly assist in any way possible. EVA already has established partnerships with another local PTSD programs to help in planning recreational events.

EVA is not a 501c charity just yet; all funding will solely be based on the donations received by organizations that will support our cause. This is where Grant Proposal’s and Proposal for Sponsorships come into play. By such types of request for assistance, we hope to purchase the required equipment needed to further our operations.


Q: What differentiates you from other organizations?

A: We are a small organization that focuses directly on the treatment of our Vets. Unlike much bigger organizations who host a few events per year, we host multiple events per week to assist more Vets in a more expedited fashion, which in turn gives the biggest benefit to some Vets we reach out to and treat. We are scheduled to start working at Balboa Navy Hospital, USMC MACS Miramar, and USMC Camp Pendleton at the beginning of 2017.


Q: What is the market position of your organizations? (how many veterans do you work with, how large is organization, are you partnered with other veterans’ organizations, etc. )

A: Our notoriety comes from social media and word or mouth by our supporters. At any given time, we treat 1-15 Veterans at a time.  Within the past 2 ½ years we have assisted we have brought out more than 75 Veterans and 20 Active Service-Members to our events, some of which continue to participate in our weekly events. Even though our mission is to focus on our military members, we have also treated Non-Service Members/Civilians with their ailments.


Q: How has TreadWright helped your organization?

A: TW has provided the means with their products to help EVA maintain its current mission by continuing to bring our clientele to each therapy event. Without TW’s assistance, EVA’s growth potential would be stagnant, and the ability to reach out to our clientele would be nonexistent



Q: What services does EVA offer?

A: We provide recreational therapy for Veterans and Active Service-Members suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. EVA is providing their clientele with equipment to us at their event and also provides transportation to their clientele to these developments. This is where TW has come in to assist with EVA’s mission.


Q: Why did you start this organization?

A: We as Americans, hold our nation’s military with the utmost respect and highest honors because of our men and women service members, past-present-future, have given everything with their service to this country to keep the American people free.  There are many ways we can show our gratitude to them, and EVA has simply just taken one way to assist them as having PTSD is a growing epidemic with our service-members. By EVA providing our services and TW providing support for those services, we as the American people can show that we care and show our willingness never to forget those that gave their all for the freedoms we now enjoy.


Q: What main impression do you want people to come away with (one sentence)?

A: EVA and TW are here for our Veterans/Active Service-Members and are willing and able to assist them in their progression of their therapy and transition into civilian life.


Q: What top 3 messages do you want to be remembered? In order of priority.

A: EVA represents a hope for a better life.

Our Veteran/Active Service-Members will never be without assistance.

EVA represents a new family and new bond that was once experienced while serving and is regained with such a familiar comradery.



Website - http://expeditionaryveter.wixsite.com/mtbforptsd

Facebook - www.facebook.com/ExpeditionaryVeteransAssociation

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE3uRnMgen9unmPFz97PS3A

Get Involved by emailing - expeditionaryveteransassoc@gmail.com




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