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Riding Out Winter Storm Jupiter

This winter started out slowly, but January has arrived, and winter is finally in full force. Winter Storm Jupiter is predicted to be a two-part storm that could last into early next week. Storm Jupiter is expected to start with snow on the west coast and ending with icy rain through the Midwest and East coast. With the weather in full force, we highly recommend being prepared with our TreadWright Winter Tires.  Depending on your location there is still time to get our tires before the storm though this cannot be guaranteed if shipping routes face delays. Regardless, we recommend stocking up on our snow tires before more storms come.

For a more detailed breakdown of how storm Jupiter will affect your region see below:

The Sierra Nevada is expecting several feet of snow Thursday night. Another foot of snow is possible for the Rockies of Colorado, Wasatch, Teton, and Idaho. Some additional snow will fall in Oregon and the mountains of Southern California. Equipping with our aggressive tread patterns can enhance a vehicle's grip and winter capability, making a naturally "stuck-in-snow" truck better while improving safety in your vehicle.

On Friday, St. Louis is expected to have very icy conditions that can cause unsafe conditions. Though we never recommend driving on ice, we understand there are times you have no choice, so it is vital that you stay prepared with the right equipment. You may ask, how can you prep to drive in these conditions? A few pointers are utilizing 4x4 (All Wheel Drive), traction control, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), and studs help, but no truck can manufacture traction. All-wheel drive will help get you rolling. However, you will have to have proper snow grip for premium control. Snow performance will vary by vehicle so select a tire category that works best for your truck, your driving tendencies and local weather and road conditions.

These Claw II with Kedge pictured above have the precision for their high level of snow and ice traction. Chip Sherwood a Treadwright faithful rides on these MT tires through the Northern Georgia Snow and still has enough traction to get through the same area in the heat of the Summer. What is Kedge Grip? Kedge Grip is an exceptional combination of walnut shells and glass particles that are mixed into the entire tread compound during the manufacturing process. Mixing Kedge Grip with the rubber compound allows Kedge Grip to be available for the entire life of the tire. Ice accumulations from Winter Storm Jupiter may become damaging to trees and power lines and also trigger power outages – so be careful this week with Kedge Grip.

Treadwright.com features an entire section of tires that come “stud ready” with pre-installed holes. When studded these Treadwrights provide great ice and packed snow grip but are less responsive on dry roads. It's important to note that the use of studded tires may be prohibited or restricted in your area, so be sure to check with local authorities to confirm legality.

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ene. 12, 2017 • Posted by Tony

Stock Rubicon is 255 75 17 C. Try our CLAW – C2617E.

They are not Winter only, but we would recommend two sets for those living where winter weather is more severe.

ene. 11, 2017 • Posted by John

Which Claw 11 w/Kedge would I order for original equipment wheels on a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon ?

Also , are these Winter only tires ? I have been using Bridgestone Blizzacs for Novenber thru March .

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