One of the Most Secluded Rivers in the US | Devils River

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Combing journey, adventure, relaxation and fishing the Devils River has the components that most outdoor enthusiasts seek. If you can withstand the drive you will be in for a trip of a lifetime. 

It’s a two-hour drive from the closest town to hit the banks of the Devils River. The payoff? Over 47 miles of slow-moving pools, quick rapids, and some of the most pristine fishing in the Lone Star State.

Fly-fishing guide Alvin Dedeaux and tournament angler Miles Burghoff take on the Devils River and connect over their shared love of angling.

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  • I’m packed, got the gas cards anything is better than these Midwestern winters just point me in the right direction I can find it from thhere

  • I’m sold. Let’s go. Such beautiful country.

    Matt Staser en

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