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Father's Day Gift Ideas For An Adventurous Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day behind us, dad's everywhere have their eyes set on their big day! Father's Day just around the corner (Sunday, June 16th, 2019), and it is time to start prepping for that perfect father's day gift! We all know it can be pretty stressful buying dad that ideal Father's day gift. That gift he will use and love rather than offer a fake hug and toss aside. Since we are Father's & outdoorsmen, we have put together a list for adventurous outdoor Dads.
Here is the list of best gift options to save you from the hassle of searching the market or wasting time brain-storming ideas.

Four Amazing Gift Options for an Adventurous Dad

An Overlanding Adventure to Moab, UT

Has your dad been working long hours this week? Surprise your dad by gifting him a completely-planned weekend getaway to Moab, a perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts. Let your father explore the gorgeous landscape of this exotic part of Utah! Hop in the jeep, truck, or off-road vehicle with your dad and tackle Hell's Revenge together.  Hell's Revenge is a great Off-Road trail that is rated 6 out of 10 on difficulty by Red-Rock Four Wheelers. The 6.5 long mile trail will offer moments of bonding as you will be reliant on each other for spoting & driving the course. After a long day of wheeling, you can experience an adventurous camping night at the Needles' Outpost or one of their many camping spots.  You can even enjoy an adrenaline-rushing rafting tour at Red River Adventures, or let him test his stamina at the Moab Adventure Center. A trip to Moab will be the perfect escape for your father from the hectic routine! 

TreadWright Tires

Okay, so your dad loves adventures, the outdoors, exploring Overlanding and all things manly! Then it is time you invested in some American Made TreadWright Tires the overlanders tire of choice. Texas-based manufacturer, TreadWright manufactures the best and premium quality LT & SUV tires for All Terrains and Mud Terrains; the added advantage is that they are environment-friendly. Why tires? They will accompany your dad with the best traction possible without breaking the bank to ensure he has the best adventure with absolutely smooth driving experience on rugged surfaces. In contrast to our high-quality, they are incredibly affordable, as we offer 40% less than other premium brands on the market.

A Camera to Capture Amazing Sights

If your dad knows the art of photography and loves to capture the world through his eyes but doesn't have a professional camera, it should be your Father's Day choice. Just surprise your dad on the morning of his special day with the Sony Alpha a6400. It is a mirror-less camera that will be perfect for your father to capture the moments on his adventures. Capable of recording up to the 4K resolution, you can let your father become the adventurous photographer he has always wanted to be!

Other Adventurous Road Trips

Does your dad just love to drive? Why not plan a road adventure then? Take your car and gift your road-warrior dad an amazing road trip. Take the Blue Ridge Parkway through the Appalachian Mountains down to the Smoky Mountains National park. Give your father a chance to capture the most exotic sights. This route is the perfect option, as it not only offers enchanting panoramic views, but it provides thoroughly adventurous hiking trails and waterfalls. Want to plan something more phenomenal? Choose the Overseas highway from Miami to Key West. Let your father drive through the 42 bridges and take in the super-gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean. Pick the one that best suits the mood of your father and takes your father on a perfect road trip this Father's Day!

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