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Big Business Green Company Of The Year

TreadWright Tires Named BIG Awards Green Company of the Year

Affordable, reliable and 100% USA made “green” manufactured tires honored for innovation in sustainability and environmental responsibility


HOUSTON, TX. October X, 2016 – TreadWright Tires is proud to announce it has received Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business. The Houston-based company specializing has been named the 2016 Green Company of the year for its efforts in providing durable, sustainable, remanufactured tires at an affordable price, minimizing the environmental impact of the millions of tires and tire compounds are thrown out each year in the United States.

100% American Company Keeping America Green

TreadWright Tires offers a wide range of MT/LT tires that are entirely produced in the United States at its manufacturing facility in Houston Texas with the highest quality commercial grade truck rubber. With 40 years of experience in the tire manufacturing business, TreadWright has always aimed to deliver the best quality remanufactured tires at the best value.

“Sustainability has always been a key element to TreadWright’s business strategy,” said Anthony Showen, CEO of TreadWright. “Our customers range from hard working farmers and ranchers to outdoor and adventure enthusiasts – and the one thing we all share is an appreciation for the beautiful land this country has to offer. TreadWright is playing our part to help preserve our environment, and we are honored to receive this award from Business Intelligence Group.”

“Differentiation is a common theme among many of our winners, and we hope that trend continues,” said Russ Fordyce, Managing Director of the Business Intelligence Group. “Modern companies are now relying on their customers for inspiration and direction to improve and launch new products. We are so proud of all of the winners this year. It is truly a select group.”

The Greenest Tires Available

TreadWright tires are manufactured with 70% recycled content, including premium brand tire casings. Employing a proven European manufacturing process called remolding, TreadWright uses the same mold cure process as traditional manufacturers of OEM tires. With the same quality, durability, and better mileage than similar tires in its class, TreadWright tires are better for your car and better for the environment.  Each TreadWright tire uses approximately 6 gallons of oil compared to 18 gallons for a new tire – 65% less oil than standard tires as well as less energy used in the overall manufacturing process. In addition to 12 gallon saving per tire produced, using recycled tire content also helps to ensure that old tires are not taking up space in landfills or polluting the nation’s lakes and rivers.

Not only do TreadWright’s remanufactured tires benefit the environment, they benefit consumers as well. Using recycled materials allows TreadWright to invest more in its rubber compounds and engineering process to create improved wear characteristics in its tires without sacrificing value.  In fact, TreadWright tires before better than similarly priced imports tires, and offer the same mileage as new tires in its class.

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, business executives—those with experience and knowledge—judge the programs. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

About TreadWright Tires

TreadWright Tires is a Houston-based light truck and SUV tire manufacturer. Its line of MT/AT tires covers 80% of the replacement market, offering reliable, affordable, and environmentally-friendly tires.  With 40 years of remanufacturing experience, TreadWright delivers a wide range of LT/SUV tires with 70% recycled material and 40% reduction in cost. All TreadWright tires are made 100% in the USA. For more information, visit www.TreadWright.com.



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dic. 21, 2016 • Posted by Willie Dunn

Commercial truck tires represent a significant cost in truck driving. Extending the lifespan of your tires can help you save money and can keep you and everyone around you safer on the road.

oct. 12, 2016 • Posted by Drew

Do u need any vendors yo sell tires we are in Houston tx area

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