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This Friday we are featuring Alex Fleming and his Guard Dog 285x75R16 Guard Dogs!  Alex is a student at Colorado State University and provides us with some of the best original content from Colorado and different Terrains from Slip Rock, Sand, and Mud! Read more about Alex and his build on this week's Feature Friday! Don't forget to e-mail if you would like to be featured! The rest of the blog is from Alex Flemster himself! Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Alex Fleming. I'm 19 years old, I am a student at Colorado State University and a freelance photographer and cinematographer, and this is my 3rd gen 4runner.

I am running 3" of lift with 285/75r16 Guard Dogs with Kedge Grip. My 4runner has full armor for tearing it up in rocks and keeping me safe on the highway. I have a homemade full-length roof rack with an Odin Designs rooftop tent that I use almost every weekend. Under the hood is a stock 3.4l motor with minor mods, and has 190k miles. I have the optional rear e-locker which helps a bunch in sticky situations and a gear ratio of4:30that helps me pull the 33" tires with a little more ease.

The places I use my 4runner the most are in the Colorado backcountry, that consists of heavy washboard roads, deep sand, loose rock, granite, mud and boulder fields. The Guard dogs have been outstanding. I have yet to be stuck with these tires though I'm sure the time will come. I also find time to travel out to Utah and the Moab area where I drive on slick rock and sand. The rubber grabs the slick rock great and the tread pattern has no problems in the sand. 

Along with all my adventuring comes a lot of highway driving, I recommend a good playlist because these tires are loud. They are a mud terrain and you can't expect them to be quite. I personally love the sound and most my passengers do not mind either. They ride great on the highway and balanced well. I haven't noticed a handling difference from my previous all terrain tire and have been very pleased with the performance of these. I'm also excited to see how these tires wear down. I have put about 2 thousand miles on my current set and haven't noticed any change in the tread depth just the kedge grip starting to take shape.

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