TreadWright Reviews

TreadWright Reviews
Brennan D.

I bought some treadwright wardens two years ago. I just wanted to give you guys an update on the tires. I really like them, they still have a ton of tread and I have driven about 40k miles on the set. They are the best quality tires i've ever owned. I really appreciate you guys making such a quality product that's very affordable. These tires are great in all terrain, I have taken my Xterra through swamp land, mud holes, sand, and snow/ice. I have not gotten stuck or have had any issues.


I just got my newest set of tires (Guard dog's)... Yahoooo... very cool.!!! I like the new full rim to rim covering... I cannot wait to get them on my Jeep, as my last set is just about done and just not enough tread left for this winters snow, which will be here soon enough...
Anyway, the last set that is currently on the ZJ ran as good, in fact better then any tire I have ever had on that Jeep or any of my other 4x4's, in fact that rubber compound is one of the best blends I have ever used for my daily driver and full time off-roader, just perfect..!
Hard enough to get good life out of an aggressive tread that runs on road and soft enough to work perfect in every condition off road.
Aging myself, but I have owned 4x4's for 36 yrs. now, I have raced them as well as created with my buddies, some of the coolest off road trails that people travel on today! So speaking from lots of experience with using off road tires...your tires are Great...!!
Thanks again and when I need another set, count on me calling Treadwright once again.

Drew Y

Just wanted to drop a line and say your product is superb. Your tire workmanship is on point and prices unbeatable. You have my business for years to come. My friends have given numerous comments on the look and tread pattern in the few days I've had them on my truck.

Jim W.

I live on the Eastern Shore of VA between the Chesapeake and the Atlantic so we have a lot of swamp land out here. I just wanted to say I just ordered four of the 285/70/17 Warden A/T's, had them installed and love them. The ride is great, the traction is outstanding and they look good too. They've already taken a few hard hits and laughed it off. The guys just can't believe they are retreads. Thanks for making a great tire.

William C.

Just wanted to send in my testimonial for a great set of tires. I ordered 4 of the 245/75/16 Warden A/T tires a little over 2 years ago and have put over 35,000 miles on these same tires. Highway, dirt, snow and gravel haven't hurt these things. Never any problem with these tires at all and still have a little over 3/16" of the original 1/2" tread depth left on the set. Diligent rotation has helped a lot. I will definitely be ordering more from Treadwright again.

Jimmy N.

Thank you Great tires. The Warden A/TE - Kedge Grip impressed a number of people, including the company who mounted them. I am very pleased with the appearance and tread (vanity not with standing) they look damn fine on my Jeep Liberty. It is a pleasure to work with a company who provides their product as they state, in the time frame to obtain the tires and the sweet courtesy from the young ladies I spoke with in ordering. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I was born and raised in South Dakota and kinda partial. Will order and direct folks your way.

Brian S.

I wanted to add to the praises for the guard dog mt. I fist heard about your tires from my son in law, who loved them. I got my first ones for my 3/4 ton Dodge p/u and loved your all terrains. When I needed tires for my grand cherokee project rig, it was a no brainer, I picked up a set of guard dog mt's. I missed the last snow by about a week, but we had 3 days of rain so I went out with my offroad club to play. The first obstacle I tried was a low spot that had turned to a mud pit. I would never have tried it if I was alone but I knew I had help if I got stuck so I went for it. After about 80 yards through 16 inches of heavy mud I decided to exit and got stopped by an 18 inch bank. When I got out, I realized I had been pushing mud with the entire front axle and front suspension the whole distance. Needless to say, I have found my new favorite tire and have no need to look for another as long as you make them. As a side note, they're great on the road and in the rain