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LT265/75R16 (D)

LT265/75R16 (D)

$114.99 ($167.99 MSRP)

Crafted For The Xtreme Personality: This 100% Branded TreadWright B2B tire is not meant for the weak of heart and mind. If you’d rather not venture to the wild side, we’re sorry-we’ll send a postcard.

The 100% Branded TreadWright B2B Warden is the most aggressive tire for the on/off road experience. The all-terrain designed pattern provides high-void, interlocking tread blocks, upper sidewall traction bars and abundant siping throughout. The Warden is known for its traction, handling and steering control without generating excessive noise in deep dirt and sand. No terrain is off limits for the Warden’s clawing action and maximum performance.

Tread Depth: 15.5/32”
Meas. Rim Width: 7.5”
Tread Width: 8.25”
Rim Width Range: 7-8”
Max Load: 3,042 lbs
Outer Diameter: 32”
Max PSI: 65 psi
Section Width: 10.5”

● The Wright Warranty: 2 Year Workmanship Warranty
● Industry Certified - Retread Tire Association
● Environmentally Friendly - 65% Less Rubber
● 40 Years of Proven Remold Tire Experience
● Full-Grade Truck Rubber
● Pre Static Balancing
● Premium Casings