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265/75R16 B2B (E)

$121.00 ($135.00 MSRP)

The Trucks’ Truck Tire: They say money can’t buy happiness. We disagree. This tire is guaranteed to bring you and your truck sheer joy and happiness.

The Max-Trax is the best option pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles have for the off-road experience. The specially engineered sidewall compound is designed to resist ozone and cracking associated with the aging process. The tread compound is a full grade truck rubber molded into deep lugs and open shoulders to help churn through deep snow and mud.

Tread Depth: 16/32”
Meas. Rim Width: 7.5”
Tread Width: 8.2”
Rim Width Range: 7-8”
Max Load: 3,415 lbs
Outer Diameter: 31.75”
Max PSI: 80 psi
Section Width: 10.5”

● The Wright Warranty: 2 Year Workmanship Warranty
● Industry Certified - Retread Tire Association
● Environmentally Friendly - 65% Less Rubber
● 40 Years of Proven Remold Tire Experience
● Full-Grade Truck Rubber
● Pre Static Balancing
● Premium Casings

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$131.00 ($145.00 MSRP)