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35 12.5 20 E


Tread Standard Wear
Warranty No Warranty

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All Terrain 35x12.5R20 10PLY Axiom II The All Performance Tire!

All Terrain Axiom II Is The All Performance Tire!  TreadWright has revitalized the all-performance sports utility, and light truck tire market with the introduction of the new all-terrain, all-season, all-purpose Axiom II AT. With an aggressive contemporary design and maximum traction, the All Terrain Axiom II stands out from the crowd.  The symmetrical center rib and outer lug pattern offer an exceptional on-road response and optimized off-road handling.

  • The Axiom’s all-terrain design provides symmetrical center rib and outer lugs for a smooth and quiet ride, a contemporary upper sidewall traction bars and abundant siping for your Light Truck and SUV. The Axiom II is known for its traction, handling and steering control in tough off-road conditions without generating excessive noise on the highway. No adventure is off limits for the Axiom's superior traction and handling characteristics.  

  • Tread Depth: 13/32”
    Load Index: 121
    Speed Rating: Q
    Tire Weight: Typically 73LBS
    Studdable: No
    Rim Width Range: 8.5-11”
    Tread Width: 11”
    Sidewall: 7.5" 
    Section Width: 12.5" 
    Outer Diameter: Typically 35" 
    Max PSI: 65 psi
    Max Load: 3,195 lbs
Kedge Grip: Avg. 30,000 Miles
Standard Wear: Avg. 40,000 Miles
Premier Wear: Avg. 50,000 Miles. 
  • The Wright Warranty: 1 Year Workmanship Warranty
    Road Hazard Warranty Optional - (Can add at Checkout)
    Industry Certified - Retread Tire Association
    Environmentally Friendly - 65% Less Oil Than a New All-Terrain Tire
    40 Years of Proven Remold Tire Experience. This LT A/T all-terrain tire is a remold (same curing process used in new tire manufacturing) not a traditional retread.
    Full-Grade Truck Rubber, same mileage as most OE LT/SUV tires on the market
    Pre Static Balancing
    Premium Tire Casings

*Treadwright Tires recommend static balancing of our tires. Due to our aggressive lugs and that we static balance our tires during production, static balancing is the best option.

Performance Ratings

Tread Aggressiveness 3
Dry performance 5
Wet Handling 5
Ride Comfort 4
Quietness 4
Tread Life 4
Off-Road Traction 3
Winter Handling 4

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